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Water Fitness


Water Fitness Instructor

Susan Harvey

Susan Harvey Fitness 4U
ACE certified Personal Trainer
AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor
AEA certified Aquatic Fitness Professional

Water Fitness Class Format Descriptions and Benefits:

Benefits of Water Fitness:

  • provides freedom in multi-planar movement

  • lessens weight bearing & downward pull of gravity allowing easier movement than on land

  • reduces swelling and is easier on the cardiovascular system due to water’s hydrostatic pressure

  • increases blood and oxygen supply to muscles

  • lowers blood pressure through consistent exercise

  • stimulates the central nervous system

  • provides tactile feedback and sensory functioning

  • offers healing and improved immune response

  • improves mood and reduces stress

  • allows a greater sense of security with less fear of falling or injury

  • trains the brain with improved memory & cognitive function through use of music, choreography, and smiles

  • matches or surpasses benefits of land training with equal effort

Water Fitness: 60-minute strength & cardio class designed for all levels and abilities with optional modifications. A mix of exercises focus on balance, posture, flexibility and core. Class format is varied including kickboxing, dance, aqua brain training, and Tabata. No swimming experience needed.
Aqua Yoga: 60 minute low impact class of yoga poses and breathing techniques adapted for water. Focus is on core strength, muscle activation, body alignment, lengthening of spine and flexibility. Spiritual teaching is not included. This class is great for people desiring improved mobility and movement with minimal impact on joints.

Dates and Formats

Sa July 1:

Tu July 4:
Sa July 8:

Sa Aug 5:

Tu Aug 8:
Th Aug 10:
Sa Aug 12:

Tu Aug 15:
Th Aug 17:
Sa Aug 19:

Tu Aug 22:
Th Aug 24:
Sa Aug 26:

Tu Aug 29:
Th Aug 31:

Sa Sept 2:

9-10am          water fitness
10-11am        aqua yoga
9-10am          water fitness
9-10am          water fitness
10-11am        aqua yoga
9-10am          water fitness
10-11am        aqua yoga
7-8pm            aqua yoga
7-8pm           aqua yoga
9-10am         water fitness
10-11am       aqua yoga
7-8pm          aqua yoga
7-8pm          aqua yoga
9-10am        water fitness
10-11am       aqua yoga
7-8pm        aqua yoga
7-8pm         aqua yoga
9-10am        water fitness
10-11am      aqua yoga
7-8pm        aqua yoga
7-8pm        aqua yoga
9-10am       water fitness

10-11am      aqua yoga

Cost: $8 / class / BRC member; $15 / class / non-member who is a guest of a member
Special for attending back-to-back classes: $13 / member; $20 / non-member who is a guest of a member

Pay through Square at the BRC Pool office 10 min before the class starts. Participants will receive a wrist band for each class in order to participate. 

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