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2024 BRC Rules

The Brookdale Racquet Club and Pool is regulated and permitted by DuPage County as all pools in DuPage County are. ALL members and their guests are expected to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the club which have been established by members of the Board of Directors to assure safe and orderly operation of the BRC facilities.


  • The pool’s management and staff are charged with the enforcement of the Rules and Regulations. The club’s manager is not only obligated to perform their contractual agreement with the club, but also authorized to establish temporary rules to deal with immediate situations and to take disciplinary action where necessary.

  • Club employees are not to be interfered with or reprimanded by members of the club. Suggestions or complaints should be made to the BRC Board of Directors, Club Manager or Assistant Manager in writing, stating facts briefly, and directed to Pool Guards, Inc. 520 N. Oakhurst Dr, Aurora, IL 60502.

  • Use of the club facilities by members and guests is at their own risk. The club is not responsible for the destruction, theft, loss or damage to the property of any member or guest.

  • The member, with possible loss of pool privileges, shall pay for any property of the club that is broken or damaged by a member or his or her guest.

  • Only registering (signing in) the member’s name and bond number at the front office of the pool permits use of the club’s facilities, including the pool, tennis courts, volleyball, pavilion, grass play areas, etc. The pool staff maintains an updated membership directory to assure authorized use of the facilities.

  • NOTE: Only those living full-time in the bond holders’ immediate household may be registered and use BRC facilities as BRC members. Adult children (except those attending college) and grandchildren not living full-time in a member household are not registered as members, and they must sign in as guests and be accompanied by members.

  • Any member willfully permitting use of his/her bond number by an unauthorized person will be subject to the loss of privileges for ten days. Repeated violations may result in the termination of membership.

  • Children under the age of ten must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person.

  • Members and their guests are expected to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. The management staff will not tolerate profane or abusive language, unacceptable behavior and inappropriate conduct. Club privileges can be suspended.

  • Unlocked lockers are provided for general daily use for members and their guests. A padlock may be used, if desired. However, locks must be removed each night.

  • Parking of automobiles is permitted in the parking area and on Brookdale Road. Automobiles shall not be parked on driveways or near the entrance to the clubhouse or tennis courts. The club disclaims liability for the theft of or damage to any automobile or its contents.

  • The club does not provide parking attendants. No employee shall be required or permitted to drive or park an automobile for a member or guest.

  • USE BIKE RACKS: All bicycles and riding vehicles must be kept in the bicycle racks provided. Locking your bike is strongly recommended.  Do notlean or lock your bike along the pool fences.

  • NO PETS: Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse or on pool grounds.

  • Club members do not have the privilege of sending employees out of the club grounds. Only the club’s management has supervisory responsibility for employees.

  • Notices, signs, decorations or pictures shall be posted on clubhouse bulletin boards only with permission of the club manager.

  • NO CLIMBING: Members and guests may NOT climb on, over, or under any perimeter fences or structures.

  • For the purpose of supporting swimmers, inner tubes, water wings and all other flotation devices are not permitted at any time. For safety purposes, only a life vest approved by the United States Coast Guard is to be used. If a minor / non-swimmer uses such a vest, a parent or guardian must maintain direct supervisor contact with the non swimmer.

  • Floats and rafts shall only be allowed during Sunday morning Adult Swim and Float or events at the discretion of the lifeguards and pool manager.

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