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Aquatics Programming


Reserved Lane Usage During Open Swim

Lane #6 will be reserved for lap swimming during open swim times on most days, depending on the number of swimmers. Please advise your family members (and guests) NOT to use the lap lane other than a quick entry into/exit from the pool!  No one should play/dawdle in this lane, or hang on the lane ropes.  Guards will blow whistles as reminders.

Private Swim Lessons

Sign up for private and semi-private swim lessons in the pool office or online! Private swim lesson sign up information can be found here on the website:

Only certified BRC employees may teach private swimming lessons.


Adult Fitness Lap Swimming 
 Monday- Friday 6:00 - 7:00 am

Returning again this year with updated pricing options!  $25/month for members only OR $10 per day for members/$15 per day for non-members as a member’s guest.  Pay online in MemberSplash or pay directly at the Pool Office.  Once Swim Team finishes, starting July 31, 2023, Adult Lap Swimming hours may be extended and/or altered (either 6:00 – 8:00 am, or 7:00 – 9:00 am), depending on participants’ usage.  In addition, adult members (18+ only) may utilize time on select Saturdays and every Sunday morning to lap swim.  Non-member fees / guest passes apply, but there is no additional cost to members on weekends.  This mid-week program is subject to adequate participation, so come out, all you early morning swimmers!

Water Fitness Classes

Susan Harvey of Susan Harvey Fitness 4U. ACE certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor and AEA certified Aquatic Fitness Professional will teach large group, small group and individual water fitness at the BRC!

Note the new and added aqua yoga format, a second Saturday morning class, and some Tuesday 7 Thursday evening classes to be help during Open Swimming. (All participants must pay for the class, even during Open Swimming.)

Baby Pool and 5-and-Under Play Area 

The baby pool area will be open from 11:00 am – 12:20 pm every weekday during swim lessons only, June 12 – June 22 (June 23 makeup); July 10 – July 20 (July 21 makeup); July 24 – Aug. 3 (Aug. 4 makeup) This will be available for BRC members and 5 and under aged children of members only(no guests).  Little swimmers must exit the pool at 12:20 (rest break) and re-sign in to the pool at Open Swim. You need to sign in with the lifeguard on duty, just like entering the pool during all other hours.  There is a maximum of 25 people total (adults + children) allowed in this area.

The Baby Pool area will be open during Open Swim hours, for members’ supervised children and members’-registered guests, ages 5 and under, beginning Saturday May 27, 2023. The baby pool area is not open during the following:  1) during designated adult-only swim times or during adult-only events; 2) during swim meets; 3) during swim team practices from 7:00-11:00am.  Children must be supervised by someone aged 12 and older at all times.  There is a maximum of 25 people (adults + children) total allowed in this area. 

NOTE! The baby pool is not supervised by staff or guarded, and children are not supervised by BRC employees.  Please make sure guests and your caregivers know this.

Adult-Only Swim & Float
Sundays and Holidays 9:00am – 12:00pm 

Only adults aged 18+ are permitted in the facility on Sundays and Holidays from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. No children, including infants, may enter the facility, including the baby pool area, food area, pavilion, etc.  Floats and rafts may be used during these mornings!    

We have 18, Adult-Only Swim & Float dates in ‘23!  Get the most out of your membership. It’s so quiet sometimes, you’ll swear this is your own private resort.  No kids; no judging; plenty of relaxation; plenty of fun.  Come! 

Added Adults only bonus:  Occasional Sundays will also feature “Java & Jam”, fresh coffees + jelly donuts, bagels, smoothies, etc. See our Social Events Calendar and pool Bulletin Boards for these special dates.  The Java Jams are always FREE and Adults Only! 


Adult-Only Saturday Lap Swimming

Saturdays (when the Brookdale Buccaneers swim team is not hosting a swim meet) from 8-9 am for adults 18+ only. Weather permitting. Dates may change; so, check the calendar and your member email. June 17; July 1; July 8; July 15; July 22; July 29; Aug 5; Aug 12; Aug 19; Aug 26; Sept 2

Free for members and $8 for members’ guests! (If staying for the water fitness class from 9-10, members and guests must pay the additional class fee.)

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