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Players will be taught the correct grips, footwork, stroke patterns and shot production by our highly skilled pro staff. Whether their goal is to win match on our junior summer team, make the High School team, or to one day play in a U.S.T.A. Junior Tournament, we will help them reach their goals. Besides learning the correct basics, players will learn winning strategies and how to construct singles and doubles points. Fun individual and team competitions will be organized to help these juniors learn to compete on their own and how to be a part of a team.


Pricing Information

Full Session: Non-members $1496 / Members $1150

Daily Rate: Non-members $57 / Members $45


The class meets four days per week.

Junior High & High School/ACE Tournament Training Camp

  • In its 12th year, this popular camp has produced hundreds of Naperville area varsity, junior varsity, and many USTA ranked players. The ACE Tennis Camp is originated by Jeff.


    Jeff and his teaching staff work daily on improving stroke technique, footwork, shot execution, as well as improving player’s match strategy and mental toughness.  The camp is ideal for high school/junior high aged players that are currently participating on a high school team.  Ace camp is also great for players who want to prepare for their high school team. Players at high school grade who are beginner level will be placed on their own court with a pro who will develop their tennis skills at their pace. Players will be divided on the courts based upon their level. The camp is also geared towards players who would like to improve their USTA district ranking.

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